Log into Workplace using SSO without an email address

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You can log into your Workplace without a business email address by tapping on Find your Workplace when logging in on mobile. You will need to enter your subdomain. If SSO is enabled by your system admin, you will then be able to log in using your SSO details.

What if I don't know my subdomain?

If you're an admin, you can distribute a link to the Find your Workplace screen with the subdomain pre-populated. Just replace ANY-STRING with your subdomain in the following url: https://www.workplace.com/work/login/?subdomain=ANY_STRING.
Users who use this link will be brought to the Find your Workplace screen with the subdomain pre-populated for them.

What if I try to use the direct link without the Workplace app installed?

You will be taken to the mobile browser Workplace site. The Find your Workplace flow only exists on the Workplace mobile apps. We are exploring enabling the direct link to redirect to the customer’s subdomain page on the mobile browser once this feature is out of beta.
Note: Find your Workplace is on beta and is currently only available on the Workplace mobile app (version 316 or later).

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