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This desktop feature is only supported on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.
Broadcast live on Workplace with Live Producer
  1. From your News Feed, click Create in the left menu
  2. Click Live.
  3. In the dropdown menu, select if you want to broadcast to a specific Workplace group or your timeline.
    • Click Create broadcast to go live instantly.
    • Click Create event to go live at a later time.
Learn more about scheduling an event.
Create your broadcast
Once you have clicked Create broadcast, you can edit settings for your broadcast before you go live.
  1. In Broadcast overview, click Title to add a title to your live broadcast.
  2. Click Description to add details about your broadcast.
  3. Select a video source. You can go live with Webcam or with Streaming software.
    • Click next to Live questions to include Live questions during the live broadcast. Live questions are only available if you're going live to a group.
    • Click next to Broadcast with other hosts to go live with multiple hosts. Share the invite link with the people you want to broadcast with.
    • Click Advanced settings in the left panel, then click next to Auto-generated captions to turn on automatic captions for multiple languages.
    • Click next to Live rewind to allow viewers to rewind during the live broadcast.
  4. Optional: Click Choose where to broadcast to change a group to broadcast your live video to, or you can choose to post to your timeline. Changing your broadcast audience after entering details about your broadcast will refresh your title, description, and room link.
  5. Click Start broadcast to go live.
  6. Click End live video in the bottom left to finish your live broadcast.
Note: you can also go live via external equipment. Coworkers in the group that you post to and coworkers who follow you will see your video in their News Feed. Depending on your group settings, other people in your Workplace may also see your live video.
Broadcast live from a Workplace event
  1. From the event page, click Set up broadcast.
  2. Click Start Broadcast now.
Note: You can toggle next to Automatically starting the broadcast on your scheduled time to automatically go live when your event starts.
Report and hide comments on a live broadcast
  1. On your live broadcast, click .
  2. Click Report and hide for everyone.
  3. Select the reason you’re reporting the comment.
  4. Click Done.
Note: Only system admins and content moderators can report and hide comments.
Upload images and files on a live broadcast
  1. Under the Comments section, click .
  2. Select the image or file you want to upload.
  3. To send the image or file, click .
Note: Only broadcast owners can upload images and files to the comments during a live broadcast.
Pin a comment on a live broadcast
  1. Under the Comments section, select a comment you want to pin.
  2. Click Pin.
Note: Only broadcast owners can pin comments.
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