Difference between a verified domain and an allow-listed domain on Workplace

Admins can choose to either verify a domain, allow-list it or do nothing.
Verifying a domain proves that you exclusively own it and gives you full admin and technical feature access. Once your email domain is verified, users within your Workplace won't be able to create new Workplaces using that domain.
Verified domains have the following features:
  • The ability to edit PII (personally identifiable information)
  • Send users notifications prior to profiles being claimed
  • SSO login
If you’re unable to verify your domain, you have the option to allow-list. Allow-listing your domain gives you access to some admin and technical features. If you choose to allow-list your domain, you can still verify it at any time.
With an allow-listed domain:
  • You can't block others with the same email domain from creating separate Workplaces
  • You have partial access to PII (personally identifiable information) but you can't edit it
  • You can't send users notifications prior to profiles being claimed
  • You can't enable SSO
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