Allow list your domain on Workplace

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If you're unable to or choose not to verify your domain, allow listing is another option.
Allow listing your domain lets users create new Workplaces under that email domain. However, it doesn't offer the full range of technical and administrative features that comes with verifying a domain, such as single sign on (SSO).
To allow list your domain:
1. Log in as an admin
You need to be an admin to allow list a domain in your Workplace.
You can also only allow list a domain if you have an email address connected to it.
2. Click Settings in the Admin Panel
A mouse cursor hovers over the Settings option in the Admin Panel menu.
You may be asked to enter your password before proceeding.
Box asking admins to enter their password before accessing Settings in the Admin Panel.
3. Select the Email Domains tab
A mouse cursor hovers over the Email Domains tab in the Settings page.
4. Add your domain
Click Add domain, type your domain name, then click Add domain.
5. Add the domain to your allow list
Cursor hovers over Add to allow list
Click Add to allow list next to the domain you have just added.
Keep in mind that only admins with an email address connected to that domain will be able to add it to your allow list in Workplace.
Note: If you choose to allow list your domain, you can still verify it at any time.
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