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Product Plans
Workplace Essential is for team and small company communication. It’s free to use. We’ll begin rolling out Workplace Essential in 2020.
Workplace Advanced is designed to connect entire organizations and is $4 per person, per month. It’s our recommended plan.
Workplace Enterprise is built for organizations which operate with greater levels of complexity due to their size or industry. It costs $8 per person, per month. To get the Enterprise plan, you'll need to contact the Workplace sales team or a Workplace partner.
The Workplace Frontline plan can be added on to either Workplace Advanced or Workplace Enterprise.
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Workplace Frontline is only available under Workplace paid plans.
With the Frontline Add-On, admins can choose to enable conditional access management to manage hourly workers' access outside of working hours, or to disable group creation.
Frontline users can be managed via the Frontline tab in the Admin Panel. You can add an employee as a frontline worker and you can find out who qualifies as a frontline employee here.
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Frontline employees are people whose primary role is to work directly with customers or the general public by providing services, support or selling products, or employees directly involved in the manufacturing and distribution of products.
In order to qualify for a frontline plan on Workplace, an employee must fall into 1 or more of these buckets:
- Employee is deskless 50% of the time or more.
- Employee is paid hourly.
- Employee doesn't have an email address.
The employee must ALSO match one of these role descriptions:
- Customer-facing worker (sales floor, receptionist, associate, etc) at any level including management.
- Backstage worker (warehouse, courier, etc) at any level including management.
- Utilities or public service worker (police officer, waste management officer, electrical line repair person, water department officer) at any level including management.
- Medical care staff (nursing, doctor, facilities) at any level including management.
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To add a Frontline employee to your community:
  1. From your Admin Panel, click People > Click Add People > Click Add Individual.
  2. Enter their email. If they don't have an email, you can use an access code to invite them to Workplace.
  3. After the account has been created, click Frontline from the Admin Panel > From the Membership tab, click Add People.
Note: If you don't have access to Frontline, contact Workplace Support to help you activate it.
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This feature is only applicable to Frontline users of Workplace Advanced and Enterprise.
To set custom terms of use for Frontline employees from your computer:
  1. Click Admin Panel at the top left of Workplace.
  2. Click Frontline.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Select your Entire Frontline People Set or select a specific area to apply the terms to from the drop down menu.
  5. Enable the toggle for Custom Terms and Conditions.
  6. Enter the terms in the free text box or post an external link.
  7. Enter the frequency with which you want the terms to be reviewed.
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On Workplace Advanced and Workplace Enterprise, you pay for the number of people who use Workplace each month. A billable person is someone who's been invited to sign up for a Workplace account.
Workplace administrators can control how many people are invited to claim Workplace accounts and therefore can control and predict how much Workplace will cost each month.
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Workplace Account
This article is only applicable to users of Workplace Essential and Workplace Advanced. You must be an admin logged into Workplace from your computer to deactivate a person's Workplace account.
If a person has left the company, you can deactivate their account to eliminate their access to Workplace. The posts, comments and messages the person made before you deactivate their account will still be available.
To deactivate a person's Workplace account:
  1. Click Admin Panel in the top left of Workplace.
  2. Click People.
  3. Click next to the person you want to deactivate and select Deactivate Account.
  4. Click Confirm.
Note: Group membership will not be immediately removed from deactivated accounts. After 4 days, we will automatically remove group memberships. If the deactivated account is reactivated within 4 days, all group membership and chat membership will be retained. Beyond the 4 day time frame, it will not be possible to restore group or chat membership.
Keep in mind that it may take up to 24 hours for the deactivation of a user account to take effect. Deactivating a person's Workplace account will log them out of every Workplace session and prevent them from accessing Workplace.
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No data will be deleted from existing Workplace accounts after you switch to a different plan. However, only Advanced and Enterprise Workplace customers will have access to Workplace APIs to extract data from Workplace.
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