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Once you are in Live Producer and have created your broadcast, you can choose to go live with up to 50 hosts:
  1. Click next to Broadcast with other hosts.
  2. Copy the link and send it to the people you want to broadcast with.
  3. Click Meet hosts on the left.
  4. Click Join room to meet with the other hosts.
  5. Once everyone has joined the room, click Go live to go live.
  6. Everyone in the room must agree to go live before you can start the broadcast. You can remove other hosts if they are not responding. To go live, click Start.
  7. If you have been invited as a host, click Join. Only the creator of the live video can start the broadcast.
  8. Click in the bottom right and click next to Prioritize video to only show people sharing their video.
  9. To stop going live, click Go live and then End.
  10. This will generate a broadcast summary. You can choose to View post or Close.
  11. You will still be in the room with other hosts and can end the call at any time.
Hosts dropping off during a broadcast
If the host's internet or connectivity has issues, the live stream will still continue for other participants for 5 minutes. The host will also receive a notification to inform them of the live stream ending if they don't rejoin within 5 minutes. If the host rejoins the room within that time, the broadcast will continue.
If there are multiple co-hosts in the broadcast, the live will only terminate early if all hosts leave the live stream.
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