When are Workplace accounts provisioned and when are accounts invited?

Workplace accounts can either be provisioned, invited or claimed. When you create a new user account it will be created as provisioned or invited depending on how it was created.
Find out more about methods for creating accounts, or see below for information on how creation method affects account status:

Individual Account Creation
When you create individual accounts, they'll be immediately invited.

Bulk Account Creation
When creating accounts in bulk, you'll be asked after each upload whether you'd like to invite the accounts right away, or later. If you select later, the accounts will be created as provisioned and will need to be invited at a later point.

G Suite or Microsoft Azure AD (Automatic Account Management)
When connecting G Suite or Microsoft Azure AD for automatic account management, you'll be prompted to choose between inviting accounts later or inviting them immediately. If you select to have them invited later, accounts will be created as provisioned.

Other Cloud Identity Providers or Active Directory Sync Component
When connecting another cloud identity provider (Okta, OneLogin, or Ping Identity) or using the Active Directory Sync Component, accounts will be created in the provisioned state by default.
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