How do I see engagement and response reporting for my Safety Center messages?

You can see real-time reporting on any Safety Center incident. From the Safety Center home page, you can view all incidents and see response and read rates.
To get more details:
  1. Click on an incident.
  2. You can see incident insights in the right hand column. Click on any message, to see reporting for that message.
  3. Under Recipient List, you can see all recipients of your message and whether they have read or responded to your message.
  4. For any recipient, you can choose to do the following:
    • Call: Click the phone icon next to any recipient's name to call the number provided in their Workplace profile.
    • Send Message: Click the paper airplane icon to resend this message to the individual.
    • Update Status: Click this button to manually change the response status of a recipient. For example, if you speak to a recipient and confirm that they are ok you can mark them as safe.
  5. If you would like to resend a message to some or all of the people on the Recipient List, click Send Message.
  6. If you would like to add additional recipients, click Add People. After adding recipients, click Send Message to complete the process.
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