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Workplace Rooms are only available to customers who have already opted in. If your organization doesn’t already use Workplace Rooms, you can still have video and voice calls.
You can create a Workplace Room through the Workplace Chat.
  • Go to Chats Chats and click New room above your chat thread list.
Invite other people to your Room
Anyone can join a Workplace Room. If you’re the Room creator, you can either restrict access so that only people within your Workplace can join the Room, or you can leave it open for anyone who has the link to join. Your system admin may also have disabled the ability for users outside of your Workplace to join a Room.
Once a meeting has begun, the call creator can lock the Room by clicking See participants at the bottom of the Room, then clicking next to Lock Room. This will prevent new participants from joining. The call creator can also remove participants from the Room.
Call creators may also regenerate their invitation link at any time. This will prevent the old invitation link from working.
Join a Room
To join a Room, guests must input their name, confirm they are above the required age limit, and agree to the Workplace Acceptable Use Terms and Privacy Policy.
If the call is created from Chat, the Room creator must be present for the call to begin. If only guests are on the call for three minutes without the Room creator joining, the link to join the room will automatically expire.
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