How can I obtain a Workplace claim link?

This article is only applicable to users of Workplace Essential and Workplace Advanced.
You may wish to obtain a claim link to offer your coworkers an additional claim method. For example, you may want to deliver invites in print format, via a company wide SMS gateway, or via a personalized email from a manager/C-level manager to employees as a followup to the system-generated Workplace email.
Exporting claim links allows you distribute them 1-by-1 or in bulk alongside other coworkers' information. Claim links can be obtained by downloading a CSV file containing an export of employee information. To obtain claim links:
1. From your Admin Panel, click the People tab.
2. Click then click Export Employee Information.
3. You'll shortly receive an email which will link to a CSV file containing all coworkers' data, including the claim links for each unclaimed account which has already been invited.
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