Approve, edit or delete draft posts as an author on Workplace

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If you're an author, you will receive a notification when a draft post has been submitted to you. You can edit the draft before you publish it or you can delete the draft.
Edit or delete a draft post as an author
  1. Click Home and click Draft For in the left panel.
  2. Click Ready to approve. You can see the draft posts that have been sent to you.
  3. Click Review next to the draft.
  4. You can edit the draft yourself, or you can make notes on the draft and click Request Changes. The drafter can then edit the draft.
  5. If you want to post the draft, click Approve. The draft will be published as a post in the selected group.
  6. To delete the draft, click then click Delete post.
If you're both a drafter and an author, you will have two tabs in your Draft For section: Posted as author and Posted as drafter.

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