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Workplace system admins need to grant permission to users to edit their Org Chart. If your system admin has not enabled this permission, you will not be able to edit your Org Chart.
Your Workplace Org Chart lets you find people and teams in your company by showing who reports to whom.
View your Org Chart
  1. From your Feed, click See More in the left menu.
  2. Click Org Chart.
To navigate the chart, click on people to see who they report to and who reports to them. The numbers in the gray circles on the chart indicate how many people report to that person.
Edit your org chart
If your system admin has enabled it, you can specify your manager and the people who report to you by clicking Edit Profile on your own card in the Org Chart. You can also edit the same information on the About tab of your profile.
Note: When someone leaves your company and their account is deactivated, they'll no longer be shown on Org Chart. If you're a system admin, you can edit the Org Chart through the People tab in the Admin Panel.

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