Now that I've set up a cloud storage integration on Workplace, what can I expect to see?

Cloud storage integrations provide several benefits:
  • When someone shares a link to a file or document stored in a cloud storage service, people who have permission to view the file will see a preview and/or the file or document's title. Exactly what people see depends on the type of file, the cloud storage service and permissions that person has to view the file or document.
  • You may also see the cloud storage service's logo in the group Composer on web and mobile. Clicking this will open a window that lets you navigate the files and folders stored in the cloud service. You can also search across multiple cloud storage services using the search box at the top of this window. When you've found the file you want to share, a link to this file will be added to your post in the Composer.
  • You can link a folder in a cloud storage service to a group on Workplace.
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