How do I add pronouns to my profile on Workplace?

Adding pronouns to your Workplace profile provides a way to express your identity at work and share with colleagues how you’d like to be referred. This profile field must be enabled by a Workplace admin.
To add your pronouns:
  1. Go to your Workplace profile by clicking your photo on the left panel and clicking View Profile.
  2. On the right panel, hover over Details and then click Edit.
  3. Under Basic Info, click Add Pronoun.
  4. Type the pronouns that you’d like to share on your profile. This field accepts any characters.
  5. Click Save.
Your pronouns will be available from your Workplace profile. They will be visible when people hover over your name on Workplace.
You can add pronouns that resonate most with you. Many people choose to format their pronouns with slashes, for example: they/them. The text in this field can also be in any language and will not be auto-translated.
If you choose not to add a pronoun, the field will not display on your profile. If you’ve added a pronoun and would like to remove it later, deleting the text in the field will remove this field from your profile.
How do admins enable the pronoun field?
If you're an admin, you can enable the pronoun field for your Workplace.
To enable the pronoun field:
  1. Click Admin Panel and select Settings.
  2. Click the Profile Fields tab.
  3. Under Personal Info, click next to Pronouns to enable the field.
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