What are the group types on Workplace?

When you create a group you have the option to choose a group type. Group types help organize your groups section.
You can choose from:
  • Teams & Projects: Share and discuss updates with your team or project. This group type has an automatically synced chat attached to it, and is closed by default. T&P groups have a group member limit of 250 people. There are no group moderators in this group type, only group admins. Automated group membership isn't allowed.
  • Open Discussions: Give feedback on projects, products or other initiatives.
  • Announcements: Share company events, updates to policies or other company wide announcements. Announcement groups have notifications switched on for all users, regardless of member count.
  • Social & More: Get to know your coworkers in groups for sports, hobbies or other social activities.
  • Multi-Company Groups: Allow people from multiple organizations to collaborate. MCGs can be secret or closed. You can invite people from other companies to multi-company groups.
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