How do I identify which user accounts are at risk on Workplace?

This article is only applicable to community admins on Workplace Advanced
If you've received a prompt that says a security risk has been detected, or the dashboard in your Security tab shows at risk accounts, this means that we suspect that the Workplace passwords of some of the user accounts in your community may be at risk. Given that there's a small risk that an attacker could use that information to access your Workplace community, we recommend that you disable these users or force them to reset their passwords.
To see which accounts may be at risk:
  1. Click Admin Panel at the top left of your home page.
  2. Click People.
Accounts that are at risk will be highlighted in red and labeled Account at Risk. To disable the user or force them to reset their password, click next to the account that's at risk and select Deactivate User or Force Password Reset.
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