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If you’re a system admin, content moderator or if you have permission to edit a specific category and its subcategories, you can translate content to different languages. A coworker viewing a translated category can see all language versions that are available.
To translate a category or subcategory:
  1. Go to Knowledge Library and select the category or subcategory you want to translate.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Click and select Attach a translation.
  4. Pick a language from the dropdown list.
  5. You can preview what the translation will look like and make manual changes.
  6. Click Continue when you have finished.
  7. Click Update to publish your changes.
Note: If a translation is not available for the viewer's default language, they will see the default version of the content. Viewers can switch between available translations by clicking the language on the top right of the category.
Turn automatic translations on or off
System admins can turn off automatic translations for their Workplace. To turn translations off:
  1. Go to Admin Panel Admin Panel.
  2. Click Settings and go down to Knowledge library.
  3. Click next to Automatic translations.
  4. Click next to Turn off or Turn on.
Note: Turning automatic translations off will prevent the generation of new automatic translations. Existing translations will not be affected.
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