How do I create a group on Workplace?

To create a group:
  1. In the panel to the left of your News Feed, click Groups. You may need to press See More to see the full list of apps.
  2. Click Create Group.
  3. Pick a group type and fill in your group name.
  4. Choose the privacy setting for your group then click Next.
  5. Select the coworkers you'd like to add to the group then click Add to group or click Skip if you don't want to add anyone to the group right now.
You'll still be able to add coworkers to your group after it's created.
Note: If you're an admin on Workplace, you can create multiple groups at once by clicking Groups from your Admin Panel, and then clicking Create Multiple Groups. You'll then have the option to create groups with a spreadsheet or to create groups from an email list.
Keep in mind that once you create a group you'll automatically become the admin of that group.
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