How do I use hashtags on Workplace?

Hashtags are used to group topics and phrases together. This helps people find posts about topics they’re interested in. To make a hashtag, type # (the number sign) along with a topic or phrase and add it to your post. For example:
    Tina has just joined the team! #NewHire.
When you click on a hashtag, you’ll see a feed of posts that include that hashtag. You may also see some related hashtags at the top of the page.
Keep in mind:
  • A hashtag must be written as a single word, without any spaces.
  • You can include numbers in a hashtag, but punctuation and special characters (like $ and %) won't work.
  • You can search for a hashtag using the search bar at the top of any page.
  • You'll only see posts that were shared with you.
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