I’m getting an error message when I add someone to Workplace

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This article is only applicable to admins with relevant permissions.
If you try to add someone to Workplace and you receive an error message saying the person you’re trying to add already exists, then one of the following may be the problem:
  • The person belongs to another Workplace. An email address can only be part of one Workplace.
  • The domain of the person’s email address is associated with a different Workplace.
To avoid complications when adding people to Workplace, add and verify all email domains associated with your organization. One email domain can’t be allowlisted in multiple Workplace communities.
If you receive an error message that says the email address can’t be used, this could be because you’re trying to add an email address such as info@, sales@ or support@. Workplace only allows accounts to be created with emails belonging to specific people.
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