Add people to Workplace using email addresses

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This article is only applicable to admins with relevant permissions.
There are several ways you can add people to your organization’s Workplace. This article covers how to add people using their email address.
To add people to Workplace using their email address:
  1. Click Admin Panel Admin Panel in the left menu on Workplace.
  2. Click People People.
  3. Click Add people in the top right.
  4. Select Add multiple people Add multiple people or Add one person Add one person.
  5. Under Access method, select Email address.
  6. Complete the form then select either Send invites by email or Send invite by email.
  7. Use a saved invitation message or select New message to write a new one, before clicking Continue.
Accounts will be created immediately and people will be able to activate their account.
Note: Email addresses that don’t include a person’s name (examples: info@ or sales@) can’t be used to create a Workplace account. This ensures the community knows who is using the account and who is responsible for the content that the account creates.

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