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System admins or custom admins who have permission to edit Knowledge Library can customize and create personalized Quick Links in the Knowledge Library. You can organize Quick Links into folders and invite different audiences for each folder.
Admins are able to:
  • Add a folder
  • Update a folder
  • Delete a folder
  • Invite different audiences to a folder
  • Reorder existing folders
  • Add a link to a folder
  • Edit an existing link
  • Delete a link from a folder
  • Reorder links inside a folder
Create a Quick Link folder
  1. Go to Knowledge Library and click Home in the left panel.
  2. Below Quick links on the right hand panel, click Create link folder.
  3. Choose a name for your folder.
  4. Choose who can view the link folder:
    • Selected people and groups: Add multiple coworkers and groups
    • People by profile: Add multiple colleagues and groups
    • People Set: Only people in a synchronized People Set you select
    • Organization: Everyone in this Workplace, in all roles and locations
  5. Confirm people to invite.
Add a Quick Link to a folder:
  1. Go to Knowledge Library and click Home in the left panel.
  2. Next to the folder you want to add your link to, click on the top right.
  3. Click Add Link.
  4. Choose language, create a name, and enter the website address.
  5. Click Add.

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