Unlock the power of personalization

From fully immersive environments to realistic avatars, the metaverse will create new ways to personalize our workspaces. We’ll tell you why that matters.

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Unleash your inner robot

The metaverse will change the way we create, play, socialize, shop, learn and work by making us feel truly present with other people.

It will also help us create workspaces (and identities) that are more personalized than ever before. This will give us near-limitless control over the way we show up in virtual environments. Want to work in a space station dressed as a robot? Now’s your chance…

Get access to our free guide to discover three ways we’ll be able to personalize work in the metaverse:

  • The right space
  • True self
  • In the zone

Learn more about each of these important new possibilities, and find out how you can unlock a future of work that’s more productive, collaborative and fun.