Safety Check for Workplace

Send notifications to your work community on desktop and mobile to confirm who's safe and who needs help in a crisis.

Safety Check is a new way for company leadership, through their Workplace admins, to send notifications to people in a crisis. Find them, contact them, and help them. Faster than ever before.

Desktop example of Workplace's Safety Check features

Find everybody. Fast

Safety Check relies on the quality of employee data in Workplace, so we've built multiple ways to import it. These include membership of Workplace groups; location information contained in Workplace's own Org Tool; or a traditional spreadsheet with a list of names.

Notifications that suit your needs

From News Feed alerts to Chat bots and email, we've made sure Safety Check notifications will show up wherever your people are looking.

Mobile example of Workplace's Safety Check notification feature
Desktop example of Workplace's Safety Check real-time status updates

Real-time status updates

Keep track of critical information with a real-time dashboard of employee statuses showing the history of contact attempts. View an employee's contact details with information on their immediate manager and teammates.

A desktop version of Workplace Safety Check

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System Admins can enable Safety Check from their Admin Panel.

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