RHB increase employee engagement by 40% with Workplace

RHB is a financial services provider that is committed to delivering complete solutions to customers through differentiated segment offerings and an environment that provides a quick and easy customer experience. They value having an inspired workforce which helps create lasting relationships with customers.

Why Workplace?

Despite having an existing employee portal, employee engagement remained a challenge for RHB. As it solely drove one-way communications, the portal failed to build camaraderie between the bank’s branches and teams across the Singapore operations. The solution: an open communication platform that uses a familiar user experience design — making it easy for employees to adopt without any training.

On an employee’s recommendation, RHB’s senior management team looked into Workplace as a possible solution. They discovered that it would be able to help them solve over 50% of its current challenges without requiring significant deployment complexity, training and cost. Furthermore, the solution would offer employees a 360-degree approach to feedback and performance evaluations, building a healthy and transparent workplace culture.


“RHB strives to be a great place to work and one of the ways to do this was to create a winning and inclusive culture. We wanted a way of celebrating together as one company and not as separated teams.”

Luke Diep
Head of Brand Marketing and Communications, RHB


of RHB employees in Singapore use Workplace each month
increase in employee engagement after the launch of Workplace

Fostering a strong, cohesive company culture

Having over 17,000 employees across the region working in various functions and cultural differences made it difficult for RHB to create the conditions for a tight-knit team — despite having an employee portal. Constrained by the one-way communications of its previous portal, which had an engagement rate of less than 30%, it struggled to empower employees, keep track of business milestones, and foster a sense of belonging.

But through using the News Feed and Live Video features in Workplace, RHB employees now have an open, transparent platform to communicate with their regional peers in real-time. Its familiar interface makes it easy for employees to share photos about the latest corporate events, post live feeds of training activities and organize team-building activities, such as Family Day.

Building an effective, efficient operating model

With 334 branches located regionally, managing the exchange of ideas and documentation for signage and approval over disparate locations was costing the financial institution. Be it via email or post, RHB needed to find a way of working that was smarter, faster and fits the needs of its modern workforce.

Using Workplace Bots, RHB is able to automate and schedule mundane administrative tasks, like the scheduling and booking of meeting rooms. Jobs that were once seen as tedious and time-consuming now require little to no human intervention. Tasks are now error-free and RHB employees can spend their time much more efficiently on areas that affect the bottom-line, like delivering enhanced customer experiences.

Measuring employee productivity and motivation, remotely

Keeping track of every RHB employee’s progress post-recruitment is a tough job, especially when everyone is in different offices and the Human Resources (HR) team found it challenging to tailor the learning requirements of new recruits without consistent communication.

To overcome this, RHB deployed Enboarder – a Workplace Partner – onto their Workplace environment. This move empowered the HR team with the tools to set up and orchestrate regular touchpoints during the on-boarding process and track performance remotely. With the seamless, consistent onboarding processes in place, RHB saw a marked improvement in employee retention as new members of their teams felt welcomed, while there was an overall increase of 40% of existing staff that felt closer to part of a wider team; and increased employee engagement.

Since the launch of Workplace in 2017, RHB has seen employees from different regional offices, departments and hierarchical levels engage more with one another on the platform — breaking down the silo mentality for greater collaboration, cooperation, and communication across the financial institution.

Key Features


Connect to the tools you’re already using.

Live Video

The most authentic way to communicate with your team.

News Feed

Stay up to date with the information you care about.