How MLSE used Workplace to deliver 500,000 meals to hospitals

Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Ltd. (MLSE) is Canada’s leader in delivering top quality sport and entertainment experiences to fans.

Why Workplace?

MLSE needed a way to easily, quickly and clearly share program updates and recruit volunteers to achieve its goal of preparing 500,000 meals. Workplace offered an intuitive solution that required no formal training, ensuring leaders could announce the launch immediately and provide timely business updates.

As a community-focused organization, MLSE set out to deliver a large-scale meal program for Toronto’s frontline health workers, their families and other in-need community members during the peak of COVID-19. To successfully roll out the Bringing Toronto Back To Its Feet initiative, MLSE needed a streamlined communication model to build internal awareness and drive volunteer involvement from within the organization.


“Workplace continues to be our lifeline throughout the pandemic. It gives us the ability to communicate in real time, update things on the go and have a dedicated space where our teammates feel like they’re informed. It also allows us to thank and celebrate our success with our entire team.”

Chris Zielinski
Culinary Director, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment


meals delivered
employees volunteered
meals produced a day
hospital sites reached across Toronto

Fostering an inspiring culture

Workplace Posts allowed employees to communicate with each other, share their experiences and celebrate successes together throughout the program. Photos and videos shared by employees who participated created a sense of unity, and encouraged further involvement from other employees within the organization.

Concise and strategic communication

Workplace gave MLSE leaders a direct line of communication with employees. The organization used Posts to announce the program company-wide, provide updates on community impact and encourage employee participation. This resulted in a streamlined recruitment process and widespread participation across the entire organization.

Driving efficencies

With a central internal communications platform, MLSE was able to streamline the call for volunteers. Consistent and targeted messaging helped program organizers find volunteers and identify gaps, leading to better time management and strategic resource distribution. This dynamic approach also meant MLSE could tweak and communicate changes quickly with all relevant employees.

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