How Memorial Health navigated a rebrand during a global pandemic

Illinois-based Memorial Health is a leading healthcare organization committed to providing the best services for the people and communities it serves.

Why Workplace?

During COVID-19, Memorial Health needed a way to share daily updates with over 9,000 frontline workers who previously relied on email and intranet. At the same time, a rebrand of the entire organization meant employees needed access to up-to-date information during a time of significant change.

With patient numbers increasing due to COVID-19, Memorial Health used Workplace to manage and communicate about the allocation of resources. These strategic decisions were reinforced by a custom bot that sent out daily COVID data. This approach kept the entire organization up-to-date, without putting any additional pressure on the already stretched workforce.

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"If we didn’t have Workplace, it would be really hard to feel connected to such a great culture of caring. Memorial Health does such a great job caring for our community that sometimes we forget we have to care for ourselves, and without Workplace and being able to connect and see all the wonderful things that are happening as an organization, I’m not sure people would feel the connection to the brand and feel valued."

Ashley McGlauchlen
Manager of Virtual Communications, Memorial Health


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Maintaining message consistency

Memorial Health launched the Knowledge Library in March 2020 to share COVID-19 information internally. This centralized approach ensured the entire workforce always used the latest updates to inform their decision-making and daily activities. After gaining wide-spread adoption from employees, the organization then started creating Knowledge Libraries for specific Groups and topics across the business. The ability to control access enables company leaders to discuss sensitive topics or ensure consensus on messaging before sharing information with others.

Introducing a new brand for an established organization

In the midst of the pandemic, Memorial Health revealed its new branding. During this time, the company used Workplace Groups to share branding-related information such as “Top 10 Things You Need to Know Before We Rebrand” and hosted live Q&A sessions. This transparency helped employees better understand the reasoning behind the rebrand and how it impacted their day-to-day work, which encouraged positive reactions and wide-spread adoption of the new frameworks.

Prioritizing employees’ mental wellbeing

Memorial Health believes in the value of employee connections rather than an all-about-work approach. With Workplace Groups, the company has been able to keep employees’ spirits up during the pandemic. Groups like COVID-19 and Memorial Health Conversations, book clubs, and a health and wellness group allows frontline employees to share rewards, tips and concerns, build community and connect with each other whilst being dispersed.

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