Increasing wellbeing through grassroots connection at DXC Luxoft

DXC Luxoft is a digital strategy and software engineering firm offering end-to-end technology solutions for business systems, products and services. Headquartered in Switzerland, the organization operates 42 offices across 22 countries.

Why Workplace?

DXC Luxoft chose Workplace because the interface was familiar and easy-to-use, plus it offered smooth integration with their existing IT solutions. And when employees started working remotely, the two-way communication flow and interactive features were even more valuable.

As a global company, DXC Luxoft needed a platform to connect its internationally dispersed teams. The organization wanted a user-friendly and scalable tool to foster employee connections and improve communication throughout the entire business.


"With employees working across different corners of the world, and especially during the pandemic, you go to Workplace and you realize it’s not just you. There are many people working from home that are still connected and Workplace plays a key part in that and our wellbeing."

Anna Kharitova
Employee Engagement and Corporate Communications, DXC Luxoft


groups created and run by employees globally
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Ensuring widespread accessibility

DXC Luxoft integrates Workplace with Zoom to bring its international teams together for virtual meetings. The high-quality streaming allows employees to form more meaningful relationships, leading to better collaboration and resource management.

Streamlining communication

By posting in a company-wide group, DXC Luxoft is fostering messaging consistency across the organization and reducing the reliance on email. Their “Luxoft Weekly Digest” post helps employees stay updated on important information, business activities, access relevant pandemic updates, and reduces the likelihood of missed messages and important internal communications.

Encouraging personable relationships and connections

The team at DXC Luxoft uses Workplace to support employees’ mental health and wellbeing through specific Groups. Employees can stay connected and feel less isolated from their teammates while working remotely. One example is a group for employees to share their outdoor runs to gain a $1 charitable donation from DXC Luxoft for every five kilometres run. Engagement in the group increased week over week and provides a place for employees with common interests to interact and bond in a meaningful way.

Key Features

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