A pivot to online learning encouraged greater community and collaboration

KRE8ivU, is a creative after school program that teaches music production and cinematography/film-making. It is based in South Carolina.

Why Workplace?

When KRE8ivU launched in 2017, it had long-term goals to build a community, but in March all of its physical venues closed due to COVID-19. The business needed to quickly pivot to online learning and needed a new online learning management platform to host tutorials and videos and facilitate communication between students and instructors.

After evaluating other Learning Management solutions such as Convene, Google Classroom, and Canvas, Workplace was chosen not only for its ability to check all the boxes, but for its ease of use. This was vital, since the majority of students and instructors were already familiar with its Facebook style interface and could use the mobile app.


"Thanks to Workplace we have been able to capture the involvement, innovation, creativity, and collaboration of on campus classes virtually. I really wonder why more schools are not using Workplace."

Douglas Greene
CEO and Founder, KRE8ivU


students have been connected through Workplace since March 2020
new tutors virtually onboarded and trained since March 2020
hours of online training streamed into Workplace groups since May 2020

An ease in transition to online learning

Prior to the pandemic, KRE8ivU instructors taught lessons at college campuses, and physical classes could only accommodate 25 students at a time. Now instructor training has expanded because of Workplace and lessons are hosted via Live Video. All classes are archived and students can return to view them. New instructors are also onboarded and trained virtually on Workplace using Live Video.

Encouraging a community of learning and collaboration

Students can easily like, comment, and share their ideas via workplace groups. They collaborate on ideas and share projects easily and post questions for senior staff. Students now easily share their completed work in a fun and inviting way.

Measuring interaction for improved engagement

Workplace has enabled KRE8ivU to measure the interaction between students and employees, and introduce student and employee engagement as a new metric for reporting. The use of Polls and Surveys is indispensable to obtaining the metrics necessary to provide sustainable success with clients, students, and staff.

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