Nurturing culture and community in a virtual world

Ennismore is a global hospitality group of hotels, restaurants, and shared workspaces that include The Hoxton, Working From_ and Gleneagles. Established in London in 2011, the group now operates 10 properties across Europe and the United States.

Ennismore wanted a tool that would support their global team through a rapid time of growth by providing a central platform to connect, share and collaborate.

While the organization needed a new way of communicating, it was important to have a platform that aligned with their strong brand values and culture.

Leaders initially set out to develop an app that created a two-way line of communication across all teams, levels and locations. After discovering Workplace, the organization realised the platform ticked all of their boxes without the need for constant development and huge budgets that come with developing a new app.


"Without Workplace we simply wouldn’t be able to function. It really is a tool that helps connect us, helps us do our work and brings together an amazing team to create a global community."

Marcos Eleftheriou
Director of Culture, Internal and Corporate Communications, Ennismore


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Improving the customer experience through Groups

Workplace Groups allows The Hoxton front office teams to gain local recommendations from every team member. This information is collated to ensure guests receive current and reliable information from on-site employees, which supports the organization’s ongoing commitment to providing an exceptional and innovative guest experience.

Boosting productivity through Bots

Workplace helped Ennismore boost productivity by creating an issue reporting process with The Bot Platform - a Workplace partner. The Anon bot lets employees anonymously submit questions to the CEO. There’s also the COVID-19 bot, which shares updates that allow employees to quickly identify any potential issues within the business. This bottom-up communication means relevant staff are notified immediately, improving the productivity and response rate of teams across every sector.

Using Live Videos to maintain messaging consistency

Ennismore utilizes Workplace to encourage employee engagement and stronger connections across its global team. Live Videos hosted by the Ennismore Founder and CEO help with onboarding new employees so they can better understand the business and its values, ensuring consistent branding throughout the organisation’s continued expansion.

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