Uniting teachers of Gujarat with Workplace from Facebook

The Department of Education in the state of Gujarat, India, helps 10 million children complete their schooling.

Why Workplace?

Workplace offered teachers an email-less platform to get the training and support they needed. Through Workplace, teachers were able to participate in online training and be in touch with senior officers and teachers across the state.

With 240K teachers in Gujarat lacking school- assigned email addresses, the government needed a way to effectively train and monitor the progress of its digital instruction throughout the state.


"Workplace from Meta has been transformative in empowering our community of 1 lakh teachers to share innovative teaching techniques with one another and we have built a two-way communication channel with our Department. We’ve increased trust, accountability and collaboration as a result."

Dr. Vinod Rao
Principal Secretary of Education for the State of Gujarat


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Onboarding 100K+ Teachers

Teaming up with Facebook for Education and Workplace, in its first four months, the government of Gujarat onboarded over 100,000 teachers into the program.

Making More Time for Education

One of the main benefits of the program was the amount of time educators saved by participating in training online instead of having to go in person. Also, teachers can now easily raise questions and concerns, get answers faster than before and receive important information on time. Teachers using Workplace in Gujarat can now focus on what they do best - teach the next generation.

Overcoming Language Barriers

Since the Gujarat government runs schools in different languages, Workplace makes it seamless for educators to communicate with each other through the language option. Teachers can post, comment and discuss with each other in their selected language.

Building Confidence in Students

Many of the teachers in Gujarat have started posting the work their students are doing. That way, teachers and students in other areas can see what their peers are up to. Not only do the students learn from each other, but it encourages them in their own education.

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