Reinventing Internal Communications with Workplace

Divisions Maintenance Group (DMG) provides integrated facility management services to streamline systems and teams for businesses across the US.

DMG's nationwide customer base meant frontline employees were spread across different cities in the United States.

This separation brought a lack of two-way communication, limited connections between colleagues, and an inability for leaders to gather feedback or communicate with the entire organisation at once. DMG needed a simple, fast and mobile way to connect all their employees, particularly those working in the field.

The mobile-friendly nature of Workplace made it possible for frontline employees to provide relevant job updates and receive important messages throughout the working day. With a simple and easy-to-use interface, the platform was also an ideal solution to connect dispersed employees across every generation and location.

Facilities Management

“No other platform was providing me with a tool to communicate in a way that every other major brand is being able to utilize and communicate to mass amounts of people.”

Jalan Nored
Internal Communications Specialist, DMG


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Streamlining consistency with Posts

Workplace has enabled DMG to uphold stringent quality standards by keeping employees up-to-date on the latest policies and reporting practices. Account managers now share Posts with images that break down requirements into simple and easy-to-follow steps. Bots are set up to share each message with relevant employees and provide timely reminders when required.

Improving employee experience with Videos

From all-company meetings to bite-sized team-building challenges, DMG uses video to share critical updates and create a more engaging experience for all employees. The insights gained through the combination of Live and pre-recorded content also gives leaders more in-depth feedback, which helps inform future strategies and messaging.

Creating a virutal community for everyone through Groups

Utilizing Workplace Groups within teams has led to greater collaboration between employees working in each location and sector of the business. Cross-sector Groups are also helping to break down silos and create more connection and communication across the entire company. This improved collaboration is helping DMG to work more efficiently and maintain high quality standards across the country.

Managing internal communication for an international expansion

Managing all internal communication through Workplace means DMG offers a consistent employee experience across the entire organization. And because everyone can use Workplace when working from home, DMG could recruit the best candidates for every position regardless of their location. As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, it also allowed DMG to keep its people connected and mobilize a crisis communications strategy.

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