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Consolis cares about infrastructure. Their precast and tailor-made building solutions provide the backbone for the spaces in which people work, rest and meet. The Paris-based company’s high-performance concrete products can be found in everything from the award-winning Statoil building in Oslo to the railway tracks that carry the world’s fastest TGV train in France.

Designing large scale industrial projects is one thing. But building fast-moving, collaborative teams to deliver them is quite another. With over 10,000 employees in 28 countries, Consolis decided that they needed a better way to connect their staff and maintain a culture of innovation.

Most of all, Consolis needed a tool that would work just as well on the factory floor as it would in the board room. That meant it had to be simple and mobile. The company turned to Workplace while also engaging Revevol, a Workplace partner, to help scale the launch and provide a number of custom solutions.

With Workplace and Revevol, Consolis has been able to empower employees to work better, smarter and faster together. And with the use of bots, it has cemented its reputation as one of the most innovative names in the construction industry.


85%adoption rate

75%MAP (Monthly Activated People)

70%increase in employee engagement

How Workplace helped

Safety in numbers with Workplace groups

The Workplace deployment was never just about communication – it was about helping employees figure out ways to work better together. It wasn’t long before a number of groups dedicated to specific projects did just that.

One of Consolis' most significant groups - 'Group Clean Floor' - is dedicated to developing a high standard of cleanliness across all factories. The initiative is vital to creating and maintaining organized, clean, safe and efficient work environments at Consolis, and to ensuring compliance with safety regulations. Workplace was a perfect platform for the task. Before and after shots are posted in the group to outline expectations, boost engagement and acknowledge the highest performing factories, all without management having to send reminders or memos about the project.

Teamwork in 25 languages

Prior to Workplace, there was virtually no collaboration between regional teams. Suddenly with the translation tool, workers in Spain could discuss a project with colleagues in Sweden. Ideas were no longer locked in geographical siloes, but were free to take root and drive innovation anywhere.

In March 2018, Consolis celebrated Worldwide Safety Week - a global initiative that promotes the construction industry's commitment to best practice in workplace safety. For the first time ever, employees from all 28 countries were able to participate in the same conversation - not just English speakers. Consolis' Safety Week group was flooded with posts, pictures, live video and stories in 25 different languages showing how each team celebrated the event in their own way.

Automation for better impact

Workplace partner Revevol played an important part in ensuring that Consolis teams hit the ground running with Workplace. Revevol led training workshops, provided support for Workplace champions and hosted training sessions around the world with each Consolis factory in their local language.

They also helped Consolis identify a key area where automation could drive significant impact, which was in ensuring that people based on the ground in Consolis factories receive important company updates and information. To tackle this task, Consolis created a bot in-house that allows select digital champions to share information across 50 TV screens throughout the factories. This integration has allowed the seamless and accessible delivery of information across the business, especially to places where email and desktop computers don’t have a strong presence.

"Revevol worked closely with Consolis during the deployment of Workplace to identify ways in which automation could help them improve communication and ultimately safety across their factories. We're thrilled to now see the benefits that these integrations are bringing to their business."

- Patricio Diez, Director of Adoption & Transformation Practice at Revevol.

“Workplace has exceeded our expectations. It has enabled us to bring together different parts of the company providing a place for our 11,000 people to interact and workshop ideas, develop common values, break down barriers, and collaborate more. Our group has become more agile. Communication is now both local and global, targeted, customized, relevant and fast.”

Lionel Chenet

Lionel Chenet

Digital Communications Director at Consolis

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