Creating an engaging world-class virtual event

Cognizant Softvision designs, engineers and delivers products and experiences that drive digital-first business models. The organization aims to help its clients leverage cloud technologies to create exceptional customer experiences and improve time to market.

Cognizant Softvision needed a way to connect their large workforce.

Workplace was an opportunity for dispersed Cognizant Softvision employees to participate in a collaborative and engaging event. The platform's interactive nature meant the entire organization could communicate, share feedback, and interact with each other in real-time. This helped senior leaders share essential information and updates with the rest of the organization while also gaining valuable feedback from their teams.

After years of bringing more than 3,000 employees together for its annual Programmers Week in-person event, COVID-19 forced Cognizant to rethink the 2020 event. Travel restrictions meant the global line-up of industry-leading keynote speakers, tech talks on the latest developments and branding events were not possible. Rather than cancelling or scaling back activities, Cognizant Softvision set out to launch the event's first virtual edition.


"Without Workplace, we would need to rely on multiple technology and collaboration platforms that not only optimize our performance and our work for clients, but also help foster and build our unique global culture, which is a large part of why clients rely on our company and our services."

Loreta Siderman
Communications and Marketing, Cognizant Softvision


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Fostering a supportive culture for personal development

Cognizant Softvision is known for educating and supporting its people with industry-leading research and resources. This has been made possible by Workplace. With more than 100 speakers from across the world presenting through the platform, employees from all sectors and locations could access the event without travelling. By including everyone virtually, the organization fostered its supportive and development-focused culture while also reducing event costs.

Listening to real-time responses

Workplace Insights gave leaders a comprehensive understanding of the event’s success. By analysing likes, views, comments and drop off rates throughout the sessions, the organization could review and adapt its approach during the sessions. As a result, more than 2,000 employees tuned in for the Live streams, with a further 3,000 watching the recordings.

Communicating efficiently

Workplace Live allowed presenters to interact with the audience during their presentations. The boosted split-screen feature replicated the interactive nature of attending an in-person event and encouraged viewer engagement. This interactive approach meant the organisation could effectively communicate key messages with all employees, ensuring their content reached the right people.

Capitalising on opportunities to grow

Cognizant Softvision adopts a future-focused approach to everything they do. Integration with services like OBS, are helping them to seamlessly produce and roll-out future live virtual events. Leaders are able to better tailor the platform and gain a greater ability to share industry-leading resources with all employees - regardless of location.

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Connect to the tools you’re already using.

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