Creating and strengthening a people-focused culture

Century 21 Real Estate LLC is a pioneer in commercial, residential and rural real estate. With a network of 146,000 independent sales professionals around the world, the company is transforming the industry through extraordinary consumer experiences.

In 2018, Century 21 set out to reimagine itself as a people-centric, community-driven brand.

As the company introduced its new brand identity, it needed a platform that ensured messages and resources could be shared easily, clearly and quickly among its global network of affiliated brokers and agents. The organization also wanted to give every system member a platform to provide timely feedback and the resources needed to deliver success.

Leaders wanted to create transparent and approachable connections throughout the organization. As an interactive platform that required no formal training, Workplace meant Century 21 affiliates could engage in constructive and targeted communication with teams across the world.

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"Adopting Workplace as part of our rebranding has enhanced the relationship between our workforce and leadership team, along with our global network of affiliates. Workplace has enabled us to share critical, business-building feedback and best practices to help evolve the brand."

Cara Whitely
Chief Marketing Officer, Century 21 Real Estate LLC


increase in weekly active users in 2 months
more webinar session views
members in a single Workplace Group for coaching
posts per month in highest engaged Workplace Group

Leading with transparency

Workplace has given Century 21 affiliates a direct line of communication with the leadership team and wider network. The organization uses Groups to share strategic decisions and creates two-way conversations that support a sense of community between offices around the world. This has encouraged a more collaborative and connective culture which helped amplify the company’s new branding.

Reinforcing a culture of collaboration

As advocates for bottom-up communication, Century 21 leaders now use Workplace Chat and Live Video sessions to check in with teams across the globe and ensure unique perspectives are considered at every level of decision making. By supporting connectivity, the organization has a greater sense of unity across all sectors and enhanced collaboration between affiliates.

Upholding company values

Through Live Video, leaders are interacting with staff and system members at all levels and maintaining consistency in their messaging. This has helped reinforce the company’s values, which were particularly important as teams adjust to the continually changing landscape.

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