Streamlining client communication throughout the business

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Why Workplace?

After exploring tools such as Slack and Discord, Workplace was chosen because it offered a one-stop-shop solution for the business to share documents, coordinate projects and collaborate with each other and clients. “What sets Workplace apart is its ability to build community and create a sense of belonging for employees.” said Tooraj Helmi, CEO and founder of Apsy. The intuitive and simple interface ensured a smooth transition for every level of the business and allowed external stakeholders to adapt to the change quickly and easily.

In the past, Apsy relied on emails to interact with clients and each other, a process which required the organization’s founder to continually redirect emails to the relevant employees or clients. So Apsy set out to find a tool to manage all communication in one place and allow important information to be accessed by the right people, at the right time.


"Everything I need to do with customers when working with them can happen via Workplace. It’s a complete solution, that is very, very good."

Tooraj Helmi
CEO and Founder of Apsy


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Creating designated project pages with Groups

Apsy uses Groups to create a personalized space for every client where they share project files, assets and updates with clients. This organized workflow, with real-time communication and collaboration, gives clients the opportunity to access the latest information and updates anywhere, anytime. These pages live on after project completion to keep customers updated on Apsy’s promotions and to allow them to refer other customers.

Streamlined customer management

Workplace video calls are used to liaise with clients directly. This virtual face-to-face approach gives every client a personable, engaging experience - regardless of location. The ability to quickly and easily address any issues rather than sending emails back and forth helps speed up the process, and allows Apsy to deliver projects ahead of schedule and within budget.

Reducing expenses and boosting profit

Since adopting Workplace, Apsy has seen a reduction in the hours spent on each project. By offering everyone involved a centralized place to collaborate, the organization cuts back on time spent sending emails back and forth. With more resources available and reduced expenses, the organization now has more flexibility to focus on more strategic aspects of the business.

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