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As one of the world’s fastest growing travel booking platforms, Agoda is an e-commerce success story. Established in 2005, the online travel platform pioneered hotel and accommodation bookings and now boasts a global network of over 2 million properties in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Why Workplace?

Since its inception, Agoda has relied on email as the primary communication channel to get work done. As they grew in size they quickly realized they needed a communication platform that could promote collaboration, innovation and information sharing over and above transactional communication.

Recently Agoda moved corporate communications onto Workplace. Workplace gives employees the power to easily create dedicated groups to raise questions, seek solutions to issues, and share customer stories and get work done.

Agoda employees are better connected and able to engage with each other effortlessly across different business units, countries, and regions. Dedicated groups provide colleagues a place where they can find real-time insights—to not only help their customers, but to also forge closer ties with teams across geographies. Now their service teams can quickly answer customer questions and solve problems by crowd sourcing insights in real-time from different markets and colleagues.

eCommerce and Travel

“Workplace has helped us better connect across different business units, countries, and regions, and stay engaged on the things that matter for our customers and teams.”

Amanda Lim
Employer Brand Manager, Agoda


faster on Workplace

Workplace makes onboarding smoother

Workplace enabled the creation of a custom onboarding group for new staff. Recently employed staff can easily establish connections to peers that have gone through similar experiences and troubleshoot any teething issues.

Improves access to company news and information

Previously an attachment sent via email, company updates are now shared in real-time in text, audio and livestream video through a group hosted on Workplace. Internal communication teams can now share employee stories and industry insights, as well as track content engagement data in real-time. Workplace groups also give senior leaders a platform to hold quarterly town halls and provide macro updates about the company.

A place where people can share their life

Workplace now hosts groups dedicated to shared interests like photography, basketball and music where employees can share photos and organize events that Agoda can use in employer branding campaigns and internal communications.

Once Agoda, always Agoda

To foster continued connection and promote boomerang opportunities for former employees that return to the company, Agoda started an Alumni Multi-Company group. Former employees can now easily reconnect with the company, stay up to date with company news and job opportunities, and network with fellow alumni.

Key Features

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Connect to the tools you’re already using.