Bring your company together

Workplace is a communication tool that connects your whole company. Use familiar features like video calls, Live video broadcasts and customizable integrations to get everyone talking and working together.

You're in good company

Here are some of the organizations using Workplace to bring their company together.

Nestlé uses Workplace from Meta
Banco Galicia uses Workplace from Meta
AstraZeneca uses Workplace from Meta
Telefonica uses Workplace from Meta
GlaxoSmithKline uses Workplace from Meta
Estée Lauder uses Workplace from Meta
NAB uses Workplace from Meta
Petco uses Workplace from Meta
Deliveroo uses Workplace from Meta
Virgin Atlantic uses Workplace from Meta
Spotify uses Workplace from Meta
GovTech Singapore uses Workplace from Meta

Mobile and desktop video calls without the hassle

No dial-in codes. No plug-ins. Make video calls with individuals or teams at the touch of a button. From your desk, on your phone, wherever you are.

Emma Mehaffey
General Manager, Culture and Employee Experience, Virgin Australia

“With the switch to remote work, it was difficult for our teams to stay connected and work together. Workplace's video tools have helped us stay informed and have made it easier for people to collaborate.”

Work with external partners in a Multi-Company Group

Use Multi-Company Groups on Workplace to collaborate with external partners, suppliers or customers in a secure space. Swap files, share feedback, and get more done, together.

Break the language barrier with Auto Translate

Auto-Translate makes global comms easy. When someone posts in a different language, you can translate instantly at the push of a button. Get access to 91 languages with zero effort.

Make company updates more engaging with Live video

Be more authentic when you talk to your company. Go Live on your phone, create premium events from your computer, and share company news and updates with everyone.

Ashley Bellview
Director of Internal Communications,

“We do a lot of Live video streams where we ask for employees to either share ideas or give feedback. It helps us break down walls and allows people to come together in a safe place at their own pace.”

Bring your work tools together with integrations

Switch tasks, not apps. Connect Workplace to your favorite tools and services, and make it easy to onboard staff, discover documents and work together.

Recognize and reward with Achievement Posts

Share the love. Create an Achievement Post in a Workplace Group of your choice. Add your message, tag your team and recognize a job well done.