The Workplace community reaches 3m people

by Julien Codorniou

The ‘Workplace Effect’ is now being felt by 3m paying customers every month.

We launched Workplace in 2016 because the most important investment any business can make is in its people. We built Workplace to connect those people and transform companies by bringing the power of community to work.

Today, we’re proud to announce that over 3m people are paying to use Workplace to build those communities.

Workplace now has over 3m paying customers

Workplace now has over 3m paying customers

This year alone, the likes of BT, Sky, Petco, Prada, and Kering have chosen Workplace to make their people closer, teamwork faster and culture stronger.

They’ve joined a global movement that ranges from large retailers (Walmart, Starbucks, Campbell, Clarins UK Group), to innovative airlines (Delta, Virgin Atlantic, AirAsia, EasyJet), financial institutions (RBS, Sun Life Financial, Zurich, Baoviet, NAB), complex enterprises (Vodafone, AstraZeneca, GSK, Telenor) fast-moving disruptors (Spotify,, Lyft, Deliveroo, Hyperloop) and countless local businesses.

A selection of Workplace customers

A selection of Workplace customers

What’s more important than the logos are the stories. Whether it’s Clarins UK Group seeing a 2% increase in retention; BaoViet cutting training costs by 50%; or CookieTime reducing email by 90%, we’re seeing more and more evidence that business is better when people are connected.

Connecting people is our passion - and a responsibility that we take seriously. We want to thank the entire community for both the partnership and the feedback that have helped us reach this milestone. We look forward to building a better future for connected companies.

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