How Puig is Using Workplace to Solve Problems and Bring People Together

Workplace Leaders: Marc Puig, Chairman and CEO, Puig

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Workplace Leaders: Marc Puig, Chairman and CEO, Puig

We meet the business leaders who are helping shape the future of work. We ask them to tell us about their Workplace launch. We share examples of how the platform is helping them find new ways of working. And we gain real-life insights into the Workplace experience.

This month, we chat with Marc Puig, Chairman and CEO of Puig – a 3rd-generation family-owned fashion and fragrance business based in Barcelona. The strength of Puig lies in its ability to build brands, to shape the image of brands through fashion, and to translate that same image into the world of fragrance through storytelling and product excellence.

The company’s strong performance has resulted in substantial growth and revenues of €1,790 million in 2016. Puig products are sold in more than 150 countries.

Why did Puig choose Workplace?

Why did Puig choose Workplace?

Workplace provides simple and familiar tools that help people to work together in new and more open ways. And it was the potential to enable teams to communicate more effectively that led Mr. Puig and his team to choose Workplace.

It was also really important that Puig found a platform that enabled more than ‘top-down’ broadcasting of messages. The team was looking for tools to encourage two-way communication and better collaboration so everyone could get more done together. Workplace was a great fit. As Mr. Puig says:

“Workplace provides us with a new space to better communicate, to collaborate and to share, a space where we can all interact, participate and discuss in a more open and agile way. ”

How did the Puig launch go?

How did the Puig launch go?

The launch was a great success. Implementing Workplace across the entire organization was made all the easier because of the familiarity and simplicity of Workplace tools. “We’re really satisfied with the level of engagement. Many of our employees are native digital and already familiar with this type of social network.”

Puig also moved quickly to find innovative ways to put Workplace at the center of the business and the results have been impressive. 2 weeks after the official launch, it began a #helloworkplace contest. This set an engaging challenge for staff to introduce and announce their teams to the rest of the organization. It worked. Mr. Puig believes this sort of approach, “has helped to widely foster the use of the platform and contributed to making people closer.”

How has it changed the way Puig works?

How has it changed the way Puig works?

The Puig example is a great demonstration of how Workplace can unite an entire organization. How it can break down barriers and enable seamless teamwork from the factory floor all the way to the boardroom.

“Workplace is a place for all of us to interact, share, discuss and stay up to date. It brings us transparency and agility in our everyday life at work, leveraging our level of interaction and sharing.”

All the members of the executive committee are fully engaged. They’ve set up lots of different Workplace Groups to manage projects and use them to encourage, motivate and reward their teams. Mr. Puig also sets an example by using Workplace every day. “As a Chairman and CEO, I use the channel to share with employees key initiatives involving everyone. It’s easy and it’s efficient.”

The results are tangible. Mr. Puig highlights Workplace Chat as a key reason that Puig has reduced “ephemeral communication”. And in conjunction with Groups, Chat is also allowing teams to use features like unlimited file-sharing and “exceptionally qualitative calls and HD video” to solve problems and get work done faster.

Mr. Puig leaves us with what he describes as his ‘Eureka! moment.’ Like several other international companies, Puig has had to deal with the threat of cyber attack. Puig used Workplace to communicate emergency procedures because it was confident the platform was best and fastest way to broadcast the information “instantly to the entire organization.”

It’s a moment that Mr. Puig thinks perfectly illustrates all the benefits of Workplace. And we can’t wait to see how his team continue to use Workplace to innovate in the future.

With thanks to Marc Puig, Chairman and CEO, Puig.

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