What’s new in Workplace? August 2018

Our monthly round-up of all the Workplace product announcements in the last month. And introducing access to Workplace without a company email…

whats new in workplace - Workplace from Meta

This month we made a giant leap in connecting everyone! Now you no longer need an email to access Workplace and we added greater visibility when collaborating with other companies.

These seemingly small features make a big impact for dispersed companies with employees on the go.

Connecting everyone just got easier

Connecting everyone just got easier

We’ve built Workplace to give everyone in your organization a voice – not just people with a company email address.

That means from the corporate office, the shop floor, out in the field and everywhere in between.

Access Workplace without a company email

Access Workplace without a company email

We’re making it even easier to connect coworkers. Admins can now create accounts for any employee, with or without an email address.

Say goodbye to flyers in break rooms and trickle down communication – a connected workplace is now within reach.

You can now create Workplace accounts by providing an employee ID instead of an email address.

Workplace will generate unique access codes to distribute to any employees without email so they can access Workplace and create a custom username and password… no email required.

Simply enable the feature from Admin Panel Preferences and unlock Workplace for your everyone in your company. Learn more here.

Greater control of Multi-Company Groups

Greater control of Multi-Company Groups

Admins now have visibility and control over multi-company groups.

Admins can go to the Groups tab in the Admin Panel to see all multi-company groups and remove people from specific groups.

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